Preparing for Your Consultation
With Your Car Accident Attorney

New Mexico Personal Injury Attorney Consultation

Preparing for Your Consultation With Your Car Accident Attorney

It is important that your personal injury attorney has as much knowledge going into your case as he possibly can. This is why it is important to bring these key essentials to your initial consultation:

  • Your driver’s license, medical insurance card, and vehicle insurance card.
  • Police report of the car accident if you have a copy.
  • Your automobile insurance policy along with the declarations page.
  • Any medical records or bills that relate to this car accident.
  • Any written statements in your possession, if they relate to this car accident.
  • Any photos that you have of the accident, the scene, your vehicle, the other vehicle, or any other pictures related to the accident.
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers for any and all witnesses of the vehicle crash.
  • Names of all people that were involved in the accident.
  • Names of the ambulance service and hospital, if emergency services were called and utilized.
  • Names and addresses of physicians or other healthcare providers that you have seen since the vehicle accident.
  • Names and telephone numbers of any insurance adjusters you have talked to regarding this incident.

Please, however, speak with your attorney prior to the meeting to make sure that he does not need anything else that is not listed. If you feel something is important to bring to the consultation with your personal injury attorney, you should bring it.