7 Things NOT To Do If You Get In a Car Accident

New Mexico Car Accident Attorney
New Mexico Car Accident Attorney

7 Things NOT To Do If You Get In a Car Accident

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  1. DO NOT leave the scene of the accident. It is against the law to leave the scene of an accident that results in injury, death, or property damage without providing your name, address, and vehicle registration information. NMSA Section 66-7.203. It is important to gather this information, if you are able to do so.
  1. DO NOT forget to notify the police. Even if you feel you are not injured at the time of the accident, make sure you make a record by filing a police report. Police reports contain critical information for litigation, including: who was at fault, driver information, witness information, road conditions, and a detailed description of how the car accident occurred.
  1. DO NOT forget to document everything you are able to. If your injuries are severe it is not practical to get this information. However, if you are able to do so, it is important that you take pictures of the scene and the cars involved in the car crash. Also, make sure you have names and contact information of all parties involved and any witnesses to the car accident.
  1. DO NOT admit fault. It is not your role to determine fault. Just be honest with the police, but never say that the accident was your fault. After the officer gathers enough information, at that point, the officer can determine fault.
  1. DO NOT post anything on social media websites regarding your accident. Often times, insurance companies will attempt to downplay injuries by using social media posts that are taken out of context. It is important to note: EVERYTHING you put online could, and most likely will, be discovered by the insurance company or its attorneys.
  1. DO NOT discuss what happened with anyone from the other person’s insurance until you have consulted with a personal injury attorney.
  1. DO NOT hide your complaints from your doctor. If you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident, please seek medical attention. It is important to notify the doctor of all your complaints. This establishes a clean record of all injuries suffered due to the negligence of another.

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