Consumer Fraud in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Protecting Consumer's Rights in Albuquerque

Consumer Fraud in Albuquerque, NM

Consumer fraud is a concept that encompasses what can generally be considered shady or untruthful dealings. Albuquerque businesses are expected to be honest and truthful when dealing with consumers. When businesses fail to meet this standard, the laws in New Mexico protect Albuquerque consumers. The New Mexico Unfair Practices Act (UPA) protects consumers in Albuquerque and New Mexico from businesses conducting fraudulent transactions.
When an Albuquerque resident purchases goods or services, these purchases are protected by the UPA. Buying a product from a store or a car at a dealership are two examples of the types of goods that would be covered. Services would involve repair shops or other services that were not offered honestly. However, the UPA is far broader than these two examples. The UPA also protects Albuquerque residents from false advertising, telephone solicitation, emails, and many other areas dealing with consumers.
Another example of businesses that are relevant lately are the credit repair companies. Due to the fluctuations in the past years with the economy, having poor credit seems to be more prevalent today for a lot of folks in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There has been in influx of companies attempting to capitalize on this situation, but it is usually at a high cost to the consumer. The Economy in Albuquerque has been on shaky grounds for years, and many dishonest businesses try to take advantage of this.
Fortunately in Albuquerque we have many honest and trustworthy businesses that want to conduct a reputable business. But along side of these folks, there are dishonest and fraudulent businesses that want to make more money at all costs. These are companies that will conduct bait and switch practices, be untruthful in its disclosures and practices, fail to honor warranties and guarantees, and omit material facts to the purchase. These practices in Albuquerque and beyond are not acceptable and against the law.
As your mother told you, honesty is the best policy, and that is even more so for businesses in Albuquerque. Its not just honesty in its products, but also, in its representations, terms of the purchase, warranties, and all operations of a consumer transaction.
So how do you know when you have been a victim of consumer fraud? Well, sometimes it’s just a weird feeling in your gut that tells you something is not right with this deal. We have all been there, dealing with a business where we get a feeling that something just is not right, so the best thing to do at that point is walk away. You can always find what you are looking for elsewhere, where you feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, most of the times people realize something is wrong after the fact. In other words, you get back to your Albuquerque home and realize a week later that the “mint” used car you just bought had been in a prior accident that was never disclosed. If you have a feeling that you were possibly a victim of consumer fraud in Albuquerque, New Mexico, contact an attorney that can help you investigate the situation and get you justice.
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