Consumer Protection Attorney Santa Fe, New Mexico

Consumer Fraud Attorney for Santa Fe, New Mexico

Consumer Protection Attorney Santa Fe, NM

Unfair practices is a concept that encompasses what can routinely be considered fraudulent or distorted dealings with consumers. Most Santa Fe businesses are forthright and sincere in their dealings with consumers. When businesses start taking a dishonest approach in their operations, the laws in New Mexico help ensure that Santa Fe consumers are protected. The New Mexico Unfair Practices Act (UPA) protects consumers in Santa Fe and New Mexico from businesses conducting unscrupulous transactions.

When a resident of Santa Fe purchases goods or services, these purchases are closely protected by the UPA. Buying a knickknack from a five and dime shop or a van at a dealership are two examples of the types of coverage under the UPA.
Services would involve car shops or distinct services that were not offered honestly. However, the UPA is, by a wide margin, broader than these two examples. The UPA further protects Santa Fe residents from false advertising, call solicitation, emails, and many contrasting areas dealing with consumers.

Fortunately, in Santa Fe we have many honest and steady businesses that desire to have a reputable business, and therefore, provide honest work. But, like much in life, there is a flipside, that is, unscrupulous businesses that prefer to draw more pay at all costs. These are companies that will conduct unethical practices, are fake in their disclosures and practices, ignoring warranties and guarantees, and ignore material nitty-gritty to the purchase. These practices in Santa Fe are opposite the law, and should be punishable.

Its not just honesty in its products, but further, in its representations, warranties, and on the operations of all client transactions, that is required of a business.

So how do you know if you are dealing with a situation that involves client fraud? Well, regularly it’s that extrasensory perception you get that tells you something is not right with the deal. This is not a new feeling; we have all felt it at some point. If this happens, just nip it in the bud, and go elsewhere before you are a victim of consumer fraud. Unfortunately, It is more likely that you will get that funny feeling after something is wrong. In other words, after the deal you learn you have been defrauded. This could be the classic example of buying a “gently used” car, in which weeks later you discover it had been in a prior accident that was not disclosed. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common occurrence.

If you think you may be a victim of consumer fraud in Santa Fe, or anywhere in New Mexico, call Bradley Law so we can fight for justice for you. We will hole these businesses accountable for the damages that this unscrupulous activity has caused.