Premises Liability

Negligence due to an unsafe condition by a property owner

Premises Liability

Premises Liability is basically the concept that an owner of a property is liable for the injuries caused by an unsafe condition on his or her property.  The unsafe condition could be an animal causing a bite, a wet floor causing a fall, inadequate security causing an assault, or other dangers that could be attributed to the property owner’s negligence.  Owners of property—whether commercial, governmental, or private—have a duty to ensure that their property is safe from defective conditions that could cause someone harm.


Slip and falls are the most prevalent of all premises liability claims, and rightfully so, as these falls injure people by the thousands each year. The falls usually occur as a result of a dangerous condition at a home, work or in a public place.  Examples of dangerous conditions may include: torn or lifted carpet, uneven floor surfaces, poor maintenance on floors or stairs, cracked sidewalks, ice or water on floors, and many other hazards—too numerous to list.

An owner or occupant owes a duty to a visitor to take care to ensure the premises is safe for visitors’ use. However, this does not mean that, just because you fell on a business or personal property, you have a case. It is important to speak with a New Mexico injury attorney so you understand whether you have a case.


A claim for inadequate security could be the result of on an assault, sexual assault, trampling at an event, fire, or other devastating injuries. Unfortunately, injuries due to inadequate security/staffing are all too common. Some businesses choose to take the risk (profits over safety), while others are just negligent in their planning. Either way, the results can be devastating. If you have an injury due to inadequate security or staffing, give Bradley Law a call today.

If you or a loved one have a premises liability claim due to the negligence of another in New Mexico, it is important you find a law firm that will handle your case properly and get you fair compensation for your injuries.